Borderless Hubs

Welcome to Borderless Hubs Page

The B<>rder/ess Physical hubs play a great role in helping us achieve our Goals to raise 100 Developers annually from the University Communities.

They serve as a well-equipped safe space for:

  1. Web3 and Tech Education
  2. Dev IRL Meetups
  3. Start-Up incubation
  4. DevRel sessions
  5. Working Hackathons
  6. Content creation space and more

One of B<>rder/ess goals is to have physical hubs in several Public Universities in African countries that provide a space for developers to learn, collaborate, and network. The first physical hub was opened in November 2022 in Port-Harcourt Nigeria, thanks to Algorand Grants, and the next will be opened around the environs of the University Of Port-Harcourt Nigeria, and we have a plan to open another, in one of the Universities in the East, University of Nsukka most likely.

Borderless Hub Port Harcourt